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How About Harvey? What About Walter?

The Nameberry Question of the Week: Would you name your baby boy Harvey or Stanley or any of the other up-and-coming oldies appearing on the recently released British pop list?

Is this another case where the Yanks will follow the Brits in baby-naming trends and revive such previously verboten Grandpa names as Harvey, Arthur, Leon, Walter and Stanley— all once considered distinguished in their day?  Or similar in style name like  Gilbert, Murray, Ralph, Howard or Ernest?

Which, if any, of the names of this genre would you consider?

Would you choose it only to honor a relative with that name?  And/or only as a middle name?

If you did use one, would you consider it cutting-edge or pleasingly retro or perenially stylish?

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The question of the week: Are you and your partner in sync when it comes to baby names?

Do you have the same general style?  How would you describe it?

Do you disagree on specific names?  For what reasons?  Hate by association?

How do you resolve your differences? Do you have rules of negotiation?  Does one partner have more influence than the other?  Has one of you succeeded in persuading the other to go with their choice?

Have your name discussions shown you something about your partner that you hadn’t seen before?

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Are You Honest About Names?

The question of the week: how honest are you about names?

In all of our books and here on nameberry, Linda and I are dedicated to telling parents that their baby’s name is their choice and theirs alone, that they should tune out well-meaning relatives and friends and, yes, even strangers who criticize a name they love.

But what about when expectant parents ask for advice about names?  What about when they ask youDo you tell them what you really think, or do you keep your harsher opinions to yourself?

Denizens of the nameberry forums are often experts at the diplomatic response to names they’re not crazy about.  “Not my style,” is one very nice way of signaling thumbs down about a name.

Some people say that, when asked, you should give your honest opinion on name possibilities before the baby is born, but stifle yourself once the name has already been chosen.

Others say that negative opinions on names, no matter when or by whom or in what tone they’re offered, are always offensive.

What do YOU think? C’mon, now, tell us the truth…be honest.

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Nicknames: Love ’em or loathe ’em?

Most baby namers have strong feelings about nicknames–pro or con– liking them on their own, liking them as short/pet forms, or wanting to avoid them altogether.

The question of the week is: Where do you stand on nicknames?

  • Would you put a nickname name like Gracie or Charlie on your child’s birth certificate??
  • Would you choose a name as a path to a nickname you like?
  • Would you avoid a name because you don’t like its obvious nickname? 
  • Would you insist (or try to) on your child always being called by his full name?

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The Question of the Week:

Do you think it’s easier to name a girl or a boy– and why?

What are the different considerations and  issues that arise?  Are there certain pressures that  apply to one gender  more than the other?

 Do you think moms and dads have different takes on masculine and feminine names?

In terms of numbers, there are many more male  names in the Bible and more female names in the data base–does that have any bearing on the issue?

What do you think?

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