Surprising Names: And the forces behind them

Unless you follow every reality series on the Oxygen and Style networks, Spanish soccer, country music and the contemporary cartoons, you might be hard pressed to figure out the sources behind some of the names that are suddenly rising in popularity. Yes, you may know that Number 2 boys’ name Mason is Kardashian-related, and that the Beckhams gave girls’ name Harper a big boost, but what’s with Iker? Brantley and Briella, Archer and Angelique?  Here’s a guide to the probable sources of the success of these surprising names on the rise.


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It sorta sounds made up—and it sorta was—by author Elmore Leonard who created the character Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens for a series of stories which went on to form the basis of the TV series Justified. Parents have really warmed to the trendy feel of the name: it’s a first timer on the Top 1000 this year, entering at a respectable Number 701.

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