Question of the Week: What’s your middle-name mindset?

July 7, 2010 Linda Rosenkrantz

In today’s baby name scenario, middle names have moved from insignificant supporting players to full-fledged costars, with a very small number of parents electing to avoid the issue and use no middle name at all.

So this week’s question is: what role does a middle name play for you?

  • Would you or did you use one or two or more middles?
  • Would that position be reserved for mom’s maiden name, another family name or a personal hero you wish to honor?
  • How about the idea of honoring both grandmothers or grandfathers as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin did with their kids Apple Blythe Allison and Moses Bruce Anthony?
  • Would you put that slightly too outré name you don’t quite dare to use as a first into second place?  Or, flipping that coin, would you give your creatively named child a classic middle for him to fall back on?
  • How much do sound, syllables, initials factor into your decision?
  • If the child has a unisex first name, would you give him or her a more gender-specirfic middle?
  • How would this baby’s middle name relate to those of her present or future siblings’?

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