Poetic Names for Girls: Christabel and Corinna

March 30, 2017 Linda Rosenkrantz

April is National Poetry Month.  And if you’re seeking a name for your daughter that’s lyrical and poetic, romantic and feminine and not at all trendy, a good source would be those that inspired the poets of the past. Some are idealized Greek or Latinate appellations used by the early English pastoral poets in verse dedicated to their “coy mistresses,” some are found in later works by the Romantic poets, some of them are completely creative inventions.

Here are a dozen great examples.


As long and flowing as a name can be, one syllable longer than Samantha, this is a rare Greek botanical name recalling the sacred plant of Artemis, Richard Lovelace composed a ‘Song to Amarantha’—“Amarantha sweet and fair/ Ah braid no more that shining hair”


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