Names You’ll Be Hearing A Lot More Of

These baby names won’t rank among the most popular when the official statistics are announced next month; many of them won’t even make the Top 1000. But the dozen names here are choices we predict are bound for greater stardom. If you’re looking for a sleeper name likely to gain in style value, or want to avoid a choice that could get a lot more popular, keep your eye on these 12 baby names.


Celia is a heavenly – literally; that’s its meaning – name that has always been on the U.S. Top 1000. In fact, it hit its zenith in the 1880s and has been trending downward ever since. But we predict a major turnaround, not least because the unrelated but similar-feeling Cecilia/Cecelia is enjoying a rediscovery. Celia has Shakespearean and other classic literary roots, yet manages to feel sleek and modern.

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