Nameberry Weather Report: Cool climate names from Amaya to Zephyr

If you think about weather-related names, there are certain obvious ones that spring to mind—Rain and Snow, Frost and Tempest, Sunny, Stormy and Misty.  But there are other, more subtle ways to reference the climate condition of your baby’s birth—something that’s been part of the tradition of some other cultures. Here are some ideas of names that for the most part embody weather phenomena in their meanings:


Amaya, which means “night rain” in Japanese and is also a spelling variation of a Basque name, with echoes of the popular Amelia and Maya, has been a Top 400 name since 1999, and is now at Number 215. When Mariska Hargitay chose it for her newly adopted daughter, she said, “Amaya sounded so open and feminine and beautiful, just like her.”

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