Nameberry Picks: The Best O Names

We’ve always loved O Names, from our first book Beyond Jennifer & Jason when we declared names that ended (and sometimes also began) with the cheery letter O to be “So Far Out They’re In.” A quarter century later, they still are, with choices like Leo and Marlo officially stylish and a raft of other O names gaining much-deserved attention.

We’re still so fond of the O names that we find it difficult to narrow our favorites down to a dozen, but these to us feel both fresh and usable, contemporary and also deserving of respect. The only down side of the O names as a class is that there are more great choices for boys than for girls.

With photos that connect the letter O’s eternal circle with things relating to childhood, here are the best O names right now.


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Many hip contemporary parents are skipping the formal Grandpa name of Theodore and going straight to the cool nickname Theo, which brought it back onto the pop list in 2010 after a hiatus of some sixty-five years. A Nameberry fave, its revival was impelled in part by the appealing character of Theo, the only son on The Cosby Show. Theo is currently mega-popular across Europe.

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