Nameberry Picks: 12 neglected girls’ classics

In the search for appealing vintage girls’ names, parents have dusted off a number of charming old-fashioned treasures that have found their way to the top of the list—from Ava to Sophia to Olivia to Isabella. But there’s an ample supply of other, less obvious examples up for reevaluation, and here are twelve of the best.


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Some names suffer from nickname overkill and this is a good case in point. There were so many Debbies around in the fifties and sixties, when at one point (1955) Deborah was the Number 2 name, that the nobility and beauty of the original was all but lost. The Biblical Deborah was one of the strongest Old Testament heroines—a poet, judge and prophet, and would make an admirable namesake. (ill: Deborah Kerr)

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