Hunger Games Names: Best bets for babies

Yes, The Hunger Games may well bring in a billion dollars at the box office, but at Nameberry the bigger question is, how will it affect baby naming? Will it, like the Twilight franchise, spur the revival of classics like Edward and Bella? Or bring to the fore some more unusual choices like Beatrix and Lavender and Luna as Harry Potter did? The Hunger Games has quite an eclectic mix of names—with lead characters called Katniss and Peeta and a guy named Gale, a Coriolanus and a Plutarch, exotic botanicals, and unlikely pairs like Glimmer and Gloss. Here are Nameberry’s pick of the Hunger Games names— of characters who made the leap from book to screen –that are most likely to succeed in Babynameland.


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Cato has the advantage of combining two current trends: ancient Roman statesman-like names (most of which end in us), and boys’ names with an energetic final ‘o’. The distinguished Roman known to history as Cato the Elder was called that in tribute to his sagacity and political expertise, as Cato means ‘all-knowing’.

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