Is It True? Sophia, Jacob New #1s!

Nameberry exclusive!  Sophia and Jacob are the new Number 1 names, according to the headline of a press release posted briefly on the Social Security website and just as quickly taken down.  A sharp-eyed Berry alerted us to the possible leak.  The Most Popular Names 2011 announcement was supposed to have been made today, but was postponed until Monday morning on The Today Show.  But Nameberry may have just scooped NBC, thanks to our wonderful Berries! xxxx

And now on to our regularly scheduled program.  This year, Nameberry says Happy Mother’s Day by saluting the best baby-naming celebs who have become moms since last Mother’s Day–some for the first time, some not.  We’re staying away from the more extreme choices (so sorry, Mariah and Beyonce and Jessica), in favor of those that have shown an elegant sense of style, a degree of creativity–and in a few cases some ingenuity by unearthing some great buried treasures.


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Pink chose a lovely name with a lovely back story, as the singer obviously took her naming responsibility very seriously. Pink disclosed that the Willow has always been her favorite tree, ever since she grew up with one near her childhood home, admiring its flexibility, and the fact that it can bend and withstand anything. And as for middle name Sage, she sees it as “cleansed and sacred”—and also because it just sounds cool.

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