Golden Globes 2015: The winning names

January 15, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz

It’s great to win an award, but it’s also, as the saying goes, nice to be nominated. And last Sunday’s Golden Globes presented a slate of interesting names of both winners and also-rans. So while others are still parsing the performances, fashion, gags and gaffes, we’re presenting the Nameberry Awards for what we consider the twelve best names—all winners to us. (And now that the Oscar noms have been announced, there will be even more grist for our mill to come–so stay tuned!)


A winner and a loser, Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu won for his screenplay of Birdman, but lost out to Boyhood’s Richard Linklater for best motion picture director. Alejandro is one of several romantic Latin forms of Alexander; we also love Alessandro and Alessio.


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