Easter Baby Names: Palma, Pascal and more

April 5, 2012 Linda Rosenkrantz

When it comes to choosing Easter baby names, you don’t have to limit yourself to hopping down the Bunny Trail. There are more subtle options related to the name and time of the holiday itself, to relevant Biblical characters, symbolic animals—bunnies, chicks, and the lamb–plus botanicals, and names whose meanings relate to immortality or rebirth.
Here are the Nameberry picks of the names leading the Easter parade, some as obvious as Lily, others as oblique as the Italian name meaning lamb.


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The name Easter is certainly the most direct route to a connection with the holiday and would make a novel choice for a springtime girl baby. Not as rare as you might think, Easter appeared on the Top 1000 list during the first few decades of the 20th century, just as Christmas did before it was overtaken by Noel and Noelle .


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