Easter Baby Names: From Sunday to Susanna

Easter baby names can spring from all sorts of sources. There range from those that are related to the name and time of the holiday itself in English and in other languages, to relevant Biblical characters, to symbolic animals and trees and flowers—and even to a classic movie musical celebrating the holiday. Here are the Nameberry picks of the names leading the Easter parade, some as obvious as Lily, others as oblique as a Hollywood hoofer.

Pascal, Pascoe

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Pascal is French for Easter and a classic Gallic boys’ name, as Pascale is for girls. We slightly prefer the English Pascoe, which has been around since medieval times, and would make an appealing o-ending choice. Pasqual/Pasquale is the Spanish version, and though the Russian Pasha/Pascha is actually a diminutive of Pavel, it sounds very Easter-ish (and Pashka is actually the name of a fabulous Russian Easter dessert).

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