Creative Baby Names: The best dancers’ names from Allegra to Merce

October 18, 2012 Linda Rosenkrantz

Coincidentally or not, many dancers have names that aptly project an image of lightness and grace. And this cuts across many disciplines of dance, from toe to tap, and across generations as well. As with all artistic children, we have to wonder how much influence the parents who chose their creative baby names had on their offspring’s vocations. Is it serendipitous that ballerina Allegra Kent was given a name that projects such a quintessentially dancer-like image? But hold on–before we jump to conclusions, you’ll see that half of the dancers shown chose their own terpsichorean names.
Here are the Nameberry Picks of best dancers’ names.


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Allegra Kent joined the New York City Ballet in 1953 at the age of fifteen, becoming a principal four years later, dancing many roles created for her by George Balanchine. This balletic name was chosen for their daughters by the poets Byron and Longfellow, by Buckminster Fuller and Donatella Versace, but by few others in modern times, and so remains a distinctive, lovely option.


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