Cool Baby Names: Character Names

Cool baby names today may reference celebrities, sure, but more and more parents are looking to fictional characters for inspiration when naming their children.

Based on nearly two million visits to Nameberry’s individual name pages over the past three months, we see these character names — from classic literature and futuristic fantasy, Old Hollywood films and modern animation — attracting big jumps in interest.

This is one cool baby names trend that makes sense.  Fictional characters embody positive, uplifting qualities that their mortal counterparts often fall short on.  And in the ever-broadening search for names with personal meaning, parents may find referencing a favorite book or film to be a perfect way to make an important style statement and give their child a namesake to look up to.

Here, the hottest character names on Nameberry right now:


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Where Scarlett goes, can Rhett be far behind? Scarlett Johansson breathed new life into the literary moniker of Scarlett O’Hara, and now we see a dramatic rise in interest in the name of her Gone With The Wind companion Rhett, a variation of the (also newly popular) Welsh name Rhys.

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