Classic Boys’ Names: The hottest choices now

September 13, 2012 Linda Rosenkrantz

Classic names are just as hot for boys as they are for girls right now—but there’s a difference. Most of the vintage boys’ names that are rising in popularity aren’t the  traditional classics like William and James, which have never been subject to the whims of fashion, or fusty Victorian vestiges like Clarence or Elmer, but are mainly names that date from further back in time.
The classic boys’ names that are hottest–and coolest–at this moment are either a) offbeat biblical choices rarely heard in modern times, or b) true classics dating from the Roman era.  Those listed below—some of which might surprise you—all feature on the official list of fastest-rising boys’ names in the past year.


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The original name of Abraham in the Bible, which was changed by divine command, has long been in the shadow of the longer form, but that's changing fast. Abram is now at Number 444, moving up 87 places to reach its highest spot since 1897. Cool factor: the nickname Bram.


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