Classic Baby Names: 14 gorgeous under-the-radar choices for girls

Too often, it can feel like all the classic baby names are too, well, ordinary, while all the under-the-radar names stay undiscovered for a reason.  But swimming beneath the Top 1000 baby names are many choices that are both classic and distinctive.We’ve brought 14 such treasures for girls’ to the surface for your consideration.  They encompass a range of styles and origins, from biblical to literary, buttoned-up to offbeat.  One might be right for your baby.

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This Biblical girls’ name is another classic with two perfectly proper spellings – Susanna and Susannah – both outside the Top 1000. Susannah was the Old Testament heroine of the story of Daniel and the Elders, and Susanna is mentioned in a group of myrrh-bearing women in the New Testament. It derives from the Hebrew Shoshana, which means lily and which is receiving some new attention of its own thanks to the Zosia Mamet character on Girls. The most stylish name today in the Susan family, a fashionable short form would be Sanna, not Susie or Sue.

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