Classic Baby Names: 14 gorgeous under-the-radar choices for girls

Too often, it can feel like all the classic baby names are too, well, ordinary, while all the under-the-radar names stay undiscovered for a reason.  But swimming beneath the Top 1000 baby names are many choices that are both classic and distinctive.We’ve brought 14 such treasures for girls’ to the surface for your consideration.  They encompass a range of styles and origins, from biblical to literary, buttoned-up to offbeat.  One might be right for your baby.

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Mercy is a Puritan virtue name that fell out of the US Top 1000 way back in 1889 and has only reemerged recently thanks to its choice by Madonna for her young adopted daughter. While Mercy feels more religious than secular sisters Hope and Charity, a Dickens character named Mercy was nicknamed Merry, which definitely gives it a different feel.

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