Celluloid Cowboy Baby Names–Cody & Cheyenne

May 28, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz
cowboy baby names

We often hear that a name has a lean and lanky ‘cowboy feel’—we’ve said it ourselves—but why is that? Why Clay and not Ray, why Bo and not Moe, Zane and not Wayne? Well a lot of it goes back to the westerns of the thirties to the fifties and sixties, both on the big and small screens, and to a few real life western heroes as well. So beyond the Texes and Slims and Dallases and Bucks, here are some of the most usable and cowboyish of the cowboy baby names.


From 1957 to 1962, Maverick was must-see-TV starring James Garner as Bret Maverick, who had brothers named Bart and Brent and a cousin named Beau (a pre-James Bond Roger Moore). These short B-names got into the zeitgeist; and in the 21st century surname Maverick took off as a first.