Celebrity Names: Hollywood’s Golden Age Glamour Boys

We’ve talked a lot about the Glamour Girl celebrity names of Hollywood’s Golden Age, but how about their Gorgeous Guy counterparts? With the ladies, it’s mostly their first names, like Ava and Audrey, that have been picked up on by baby namers, plus just a couple of surnames, as in Harlow and Monroe. For the boys, we’re focusing on last names only—some of which are already being used for babies, others that would make fresh, creative choices.


The fifties heartthrob Rock Hudson went through several nominal changes, from his birth name of Roy Harold Sherer, Jr to Roy Fitzgerald and finally to the agent-coined Rock Hudson, the surname taken from an old car brand. Baby name Hudson hit the Top 100 this year; it reentered the pop list in 1995 after being off since 1915.

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