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Happy Lunar New Year: Moonstruck names

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

We’re approaching the Lunar New Year, otherwise known as the Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. Based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, it falls each year on the second new moon after winter solstice—this year that’s January 28th.

Thus begins the Year of the Rooster, which some may find appropriate, but since there aren’t many baby names associated with that particular male bird, let’s commemorate the lunar aspect instead.

When we consider names related to the moon our first thoughts would probably be Luna, or the Zappa-esque Moon, or one of the ancient goddesses of the moon—Phoebe, Artemis, Diana, or Selene.

But how about the names of actual moons, of some of the many satellites rotating around the planets? Many of their names were taken from ancient Greek mythological figures (several of them lovers of Zeus)–particularly those around Jupiter and Saturn–while the names of Uranus’s twenty-seven moons have a decidedly Shakespearean bent.

Here are some of the best:

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New Cool Color Names for 2017

By Abby Sandel

Every year brings new colors. Pantone named the spring-like Greenery 2017’s Color of the Year. Sherwin Williams opted for Poised Taupe, while rival paint company Benjamin Moore went with Shadow.

So that’s what we’ll be painting our walls. But how about what we’ll be naming our children?

With Scarlett, Hazel, Violet, Jade, Forrest, and Rose all popular, it’s easy to imagine parents looking for more colorful inspiration.

Last week, Molly Sims welcomed son Grey Douglas, a little brother for Brooks and Scarlett. It’s nicely ahead of the trends. Grayson ranks in the US Top 50; Greyson isn’t far behind. Grey makes for a minimalist twist on that popular sound.

Grey and Gray feel soft and subtle, much less dramatic than Indigo or Crimson. But there’s room for both kinds of color names as we move into 2017.

Here are my picks for the next generation of undiscovered color names:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

When you’re looking for a name for a Christmastime babe, you can go the obvious route with Noel and Noelle, Mary or Merry, or you could consider a more subtle reference. Here are Nameberry’s 2016 picks of 12 great not-quite-under-the-mistletoe yuletide names.

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Food & Drink Names: Some like it hot

By Laura Booher

Ah, December. A month of holidays, great food, and frosty weather. But for me, it also signals that another season is underway: the hot beverage season. I really enjoy hot beverages. You name it, I’ll try it and probably love it. My apartment sports an entire corner devoted to them, complete with loose leaf tea, a stovetop espresso maker, and seventeen kinds of flavored syrup. Thankfully, I have a husband who joins me in this enthusiasm and is tolerant of my paraphernalia.

But really, hot beverages are more than just a pick-me-up or a pleasant flavor for me. They represent a way to pursue friendship and express care for others and myself. I’ve had countless tea parties, coffee dates, and spontaneous cheer-up sessions by buying or making hot beverages.

So with those thoughts in mind, here are ten baby names inspired by hot beverages and the warm feelings they bring to the season. Enjoy!

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14 Winter White Baby Names

By Linda Rosenkrantz

The winter solstice, aka the first day of winter, is scheduled to arrive this Wednesday, although for many of us—even here in Southern California—it has already landed. And when we think of wintery names, the color white comes to mind, just as Spring is green, Summer is yellow, and Autumn a riot of red-orange hues.

Almost every culture has a name or names related to the color white and its suggestion of purity, goodness and light. Here are 14 of the best for your winter babe.

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