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The Brilliant Book of Baby Names

The Brilliant Book Of Baby Names: What’s Best, What’s Hot & What’s Not contains all the more than 50,000 books in The Baby Name Bible, with a British slant on their definitions, British-based lists and the latest English starbabies. (And though it’s aimed at parents in the UK, American Anglophiles might find it of interest too.)

The Brilliant Book Of Baby Names:

  • Offers over 50,000 brilliant name options, including thousands of creative and ethnic choices you won’t find anywhere else
  • Includes accurate information on the meaning and derivation of each name, their international variations, plus the authors’ insight, advice, and opinion
  • Features the latest celebrity baby names
  • Includes unique symbols highlighting unisex names and authors’ favorites, plus hundreds of unique lists to lead you to the perfect name


Cool Names for Babies

Cool Names For Babies tells you what’s hot and what’s cool in Britain, how to avoid the faves-of-the-moment which will be outdated and overly popular as your child grows up and enters school, which names are individual but not too extreme, which are cool, uncool and overly cool.

Cool Names For Babies:

  • Offers the top 100 of cool and tells why Anya is cooler than Anne
  • Includes famous names, film characters, and names of artists, athletes, musicians and writers to provide inspiration
  • The New Cool section presents spiritual names like Pax and Eden, color names (Indigo, Lavender), music names (Jazz, Harmony), and foreign word names (Vrai, Luna)
  • In Pre-cool Cool, you’ll find ancient names such as Aurelia and Zebedee waiting to be rediscovered


Cool Irish Names for Babies

Cool Irish Names For Babies carries the concept of cool names across to the Emerald Isle—parents everywhere are succumbing to the raffish charm of names with an Irish brogue, from ancient Celtic choices to modern favorites.

Cool Irish Names For Babies:

  • Offers the current top names in Ireland, noting which are rising fastest up the ladder, as well as the most popular Irish names in the USA, plus a wide range of other Celtic choices
  • Cool Irish current celeb names and the names they give their children, and famous Irish names of the past from stage, screen, and literature
  • Features a wealth of wonderful names from Irish history, myth and legend
  • Also: an essential pronunciation guide for those hard-to-say names