Black History Baby Names: Unusual names of Civil Rights heroes

To commemorate Black History month, we’re looking today at the names of some of the less well known Civil Rights leaders and activists. We’re all familiar with the major figures— from Martin Luther King to Jesse Jackson to Rosa Parks–but our subjects here are some activists who played important roles but might not be as well remembered.
And, of course, since we’re also all about the names, we’ve selected those who— along with the better known Stokely Carmichael, Bayard Rustin, Medgar Evers and Thurgood Marshall— have intriguingly unusual appellations. Here, then, some out-of-the-ordinary black history baby names.

Winson Hudson

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Hudson was an early NAACP chapter executive, initiated a lawsuit to desegregate her county’s schools and helped integrate various public institutions. Winson—which sounds like a male name that’s lost its’ t’--was actually her middle name, and quite possibly a family surname. She was born with the unfortunate first name of Anger.

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