Best Celebrity Twin Baby Names

June 5, 2016 Abby Sandel

One of the most popular questions to discuss at Nameberry is this: what are the best celebrity twin baby names?

Choosing the best twin names the kind of challenge Berries love, and for good reasons. Double the number of names to choose! A chance to link two names in some subtle – or maybe not-so-subtle – way. With both of my pregnancies, I had a list of boy names, girl names – and twin names, which didn’t necessarily duplicate the first two lists.

Plenty of celebrity parents have faced this naming challenge. The latest high profile parents seeing double are The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood and his new wife Sally Humphreys. The rock ‘n’ roll royals recently welcomed twin daughters. They kept it simple, opting for classic, feminine names without a lot of frills.

In honor of their arrival, let’s take a look at nine sets of celebrity multiples, and see if we can learn anything from their parents’ baby name choices.

Gracie Jane and Alice RoseRonnie and Sally’s new daughters have names that sound like sisters, but not necessarily like part of a matched set. It’s a good strategy for naming twins – pick your two favorite names, then make sure that they’re just similar enough. Gracie Jane and Alice Rose share the same syllable count, and are both Top 100 names with a long history of use. The names feel traditional, but still approachable – it’s a downright nice duo.

Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip – For something a little more exciting, let’s revisit the names actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell chose for their twin girls in 2008. Dolly was inspired by Dolly Parton; Charlie honors Jerry’s brother. The alliterative double middles are stylish and surprising.

Marion Loretta Ewell and Tabitha Hodge Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick named their son James Wilkie – a mix of the evergreen and the literary. Their daughters’ names are different. Elwell and Hodge are family names, while Loretta and Tabitha – the names the girls use in daily life – have a retro style. As for Marion, it’s a name big brother James loved – but not one the family intended to use.

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline – There are lots of appealing celebrity twin names, but the Jolie-Pitts might be the most influential. Neither of the children’s first names ranked in the US Top 1000 in 2008, when the pair were born in France. By 2009, both had debuted and quickly moved up the rankings. Knox and Vivienne are a mix of family names and French influence, combined with the high value Scrabble letters the JoliePitt family has embraced.

Gideon Scott and Harper Grace Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka welcomed their boy/girl (shown) twins in 2010. Since then, Harper has soared into the girls’ Top Ten, but the Biblical Gideon has also gained. When I first heard Gideon and Harper, I thought mismatch – but over time, the two names have come to feel exactly right together.

Lawson Brent and Lillian Catherine – Some parents try to intentionally match their children’s names at least a little bit, like country music’s David Nail and wife Catherine. The twins share a first initial, though their names are slightly different styles – one surname, the other vintage. Their middles are nicely balanced, too. Brent is dad’s middle, while Catherine honors mom.

Phoenix Avery and Lennox Noel – The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne welcomed their boys earlier this year. Instead of sharing a first initial, the twins both have modern names ending with x. It’s another approach to matching without choosing names that are too close.

Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James – Musicians Elvis Costello and Diana Krall chose six names for their two sons in 2006. Dexter Henry Lorcan is still one of my all-time favorite celebrity boy names – a blend of quirky and unexpected, anchored by the classic Henry. Frank Harlan James is equally appealing, and together, they’re a balanced set of names for brothers.

Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio – If I were giving out best twin names awards, Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego would be near the top of my list. Cy and Bowie are the kind of unexpected, not-in-the-Top-1000 choices that we’re used to hearing from celebrities, but they’re still very wearable. Aridio and Ezio are nods to their family’s heritage. Aridio is Zoe’s dad’s name, while Ezio reflects Marco’s Italian roots.

What would you name twins? Would you try to match the names in any way? Do you have any celebrity twin name favorites?

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