Baby Names for Daddy’s Boys (and Girls)

June 18, 2015 Pamela Redmond

Patronymics – names taken from one’s father’s first name – are among the oldest and still most-common surnames in the Western World. We’re talking about literal “son” names such as Jackson and Emerson but also names such as McKenzie and Fitzgerald that indicate your daddy was Jack or Emery or Kenzie or Gerald. Now, of course, these patronymics are becoming popular baby names. In honor of Father’s Day, you might want to consider one of these names for Daddy’s boys and girls.

Favorite Sons

There are ten names ending in –son in or near the boys’ Top 100 names in the US. They are, in order of popularity: Mason, Jackson, Grayson, Jason, Hudson, Jaxson, Carson, Bryson, Harrison, and Grayson. Hudson may be considered a place name but also can mean “son of Hugh.” Jason is a mythological name, not a patronymic; Mason an occupational name; and Carson means, “ son of the marsh-dwellers.”

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