Baby Names 2013: 14 top trend predictions

Baby names are changing faster than ever, influenced by celebrities and pop culture, ancient religions and modern catastrophes.  The major trends for 2013 draw from the names of Roman gods and the wilder side of nature, tap new international name sources and include a surprising taste for secrecy.

Nameberry’s predictions for  baby names 2013:

Most Surprising Name Inspiration: Superstorm Sandy

The devastating superstorm is not likely to inspire a wave of baby Sandys or even Sandras, but the endless repetition of the name is statistically likely to increase the use of S names—as was the case of K names after Katrina. Along with a wave of babies born nine months after the storm, we predict the rise of names with a Sandy-like sound, such as Alessandra or Cassandra or Sander. From there you can stretch to the word names Sand, Dune, Beach, or even Storm.

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