Baby Names 2013: 14 top trend predictions

Baby names are changing faster than ever, influenced by celebrities and pop culture, ancient religions and modern catastrophes.  The major trends for 2013 draw from the names of Roman gods and the wilder side of nature, tap new international name sources and include a surprising taste for secrecy.

Nameberry’s predictions for  baby names 2013:

Ethnic Name Group Most Likely to Rise: Scandinavian

Sure, Latin names are sexier and French names have more chic, but baby namers are beginning to appreciate the distinctive charms of the Scandinavian, inspired by a combination of Siri and Stieg Larsson. Some names have been introduced by celebrities, like Stellan and Viggo and Liv, others by starbabies such as Kai, Magnus (there was one born to Elizabeth Banks just this week), and Axel, but there are other appealing choices as well, including Linnea, Signy, Astrid, Soren, Leif, and Lars. In the upcoming Hobbit trilogy, one of the major characters is named Thorin.

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