Baby Names 2012: 12 Hottest Trends

Baby names 2012 promise revolutionary new directions in the continuing and escalating search for meaning coupled with originality. That can be a hard bill to fill when it comes to baby names, pushing parents in 2012  to look to some fresh sources and create names that have never been heard before.

Every year, it seems, people become more aware of the power of names.  And yet names are still free and universal, which increases the pressure to find that one perfect name that defines and encapsulates all your hopes and dreams for your child.

Here, the 12 hottest trends for Baby Names 2012.

Sweetest Ending: Vintage Nicknames that End in -ie

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Nicknames that end in ie – Lottie and Hattie, Addie and Nellie – were all the rage at the end of the 19th century but then gave way to “modern” y endings, which in the 1960s became cutesi i endings, which in the yooneek era morphed into –ee and –eigh and –ea etcetera endings. But now we’re back where we started from, with sweet vintage nicknames for girls spelled the authentic vintage way, with ie at the end.

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