Baby Name Jack: Hitting the jackpot

You’re considering the name Jack. You like it because it’s less formal than John, less trendy than Jackson. It has a nickname feel, yet stands solidly on its own, a diminutive that has become a classic in itself. And because a Jack can be anything.
But which kind of anything would your Jack be? There are so many conceivable role models he might follow, good and not-quite-so-good. Here are some of the many possibilities, both real and fictional and how he might turn out if he followed their lead.

Jack Kennedy

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He could be President of the United States! He could create a twenty-first century Camelot! Charming and charismatic, he could be a war hero, a Pulitzer Prize winner, meet innumerable national and international challenges, and marry a chic and cultured woman with a French name.

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