Gutsy Girls’ Names: Fearless female heroes from Alexandrine to Mae

January 29, 2015 Linda Rosenkrantz

If when you hear the words ‘adventurer’ or ‘explorer’ you get the image of a macho man in a pith helmet on a quest to discover new lands, here are the names of some women that could and should turn that image around. These are just a few of the many bold females pioneers who dared to explore uncharted areas through time and space—any of whom might make a worthy namesake for your own little adventurous girl.


Alexandrine Tinné was a Dutch explorer in Africa and the first European woman to attempt to cross the Sahara, in 1859. One of the more unusual names in the Alex family, Alexandrine has royal ties in several countries, and its variant Alexandrina was the first name of Queen Victoria.


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