New Geek Chic Names For Girls

By Emma Waterhouse

Question: What do Cora and Sadie, Vivian and Josephine, Violet and Hazel all have in common?

Answer: These stylish vintage girls’ names — which already feel like modern classics — have all rejoined the US Top 100 in just the last decade (or less!)

Fashion moves fast, and some of the original names on our popular Geek Chic Girls list were no longer feeling quite so fresh. So we’ve recently added a whole host of quirky new options for cutting-edge namers to consider: all outside of the current Top 1000, and all with that cute, classic, clunky-cool appeal.

Below are 15 of our favorites; which other geek chic names for girl gems would you nominate for this list? And if this is your style, you can also find the boy version here.

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New Geek Chic Names For Boys

By Emma Waterhouse

Hipster, nerdy, funky-clunky… Call them what you will, there’s no denying that geek chic names for boys and girls are cool.

But fashion moves fast, and some of the original names on our Geek Chic Boys master list — like Jasper, Cyrus and Augustus — now feel almost mainstream.

So we’ve been busy adding lots of intriguing new options to the roster: some a little bit edgy, some simply overlooked, but all outside of the US Top 1000 and ripe for revival today.

Below is a small selection of our favorites; which other geek chic gems would you nominate for this list?

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Scorpio Baby Names: Orchid and Orion

By E. Wittig

Scorpio baby names are a fascinating group. Great names for Scorpio babies might reference November or the autumn, Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any one of many symbols and myths associated with the sign of the scorpion.
October 22nd through November 21st is Scorpio’s domain. The last of the water signs for this calendar year, the scorpion is ruled by Pluto and aquamarine. Those given this sign are thought to be calm and aloof but are really quite passionate. A vast array of suitable names is available to represent the seventh sign of the zodiac, including names related to Halloween, names for October babies and names for November babies, as well as the wider list of names for autumn babies.

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Ghost Names for Babies

by Sophie Kihm

Whether or not you actually believe in ghosts, it’s hard to deny that a ghost name would be ideal for a baby born around Halloween. And I’m not talking about Casper, Jacob, or Helena, all ghosts from popular culture. Today we’re looking at ghost names for babies of the supposedly real ghosts that walk among us, haunting our cities and towns after their tortured pasts.

Of course, many of their stories are tragic enough that the superstitious among us might think twice before naming a child after one of these ghosts. But for true fans of the supernatural, a baby name with a ghostly backstory could feel just right.

Here, ten “real” ghost names for your Halloween baby.

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by Clare Green

This week’s news includes wild and wonderful word names, new Kardashian names, and how to deal with people asking what you’re calling your baby.

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