12 Awesome Off-the-Grid Baby Names

By Pamela Redmond Satran

Looking for truly unusual and distinctive baby names?  Then we have an amazing collection for you: thousands of names never in the US Top 1000 collected in the very first Nameberry book, The Nameberry Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names.  Here is a sampling of a dozen of those wonderful names; for thousands more, download your copy of the book today!  


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Benno may sound like a nickname but it’s a proper and distinct name in its own right, German for bear. A cooler and more unusual alternative to the overused Benjamin, Benno is the name of a 10th century saint who is the patron of weavers and anglers. Benno Schmidt Sr. invented the term “venture capitalist” and Jr. was the president of Yale. Benno and the Night of the Broken Glass is a children's book about the Holocaust.

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