"son of Will"

Wilson Origin and Meaning

The name Wilson is both a boy's name and a girl's name of English origin meaning "son of Will".
Wilson is a substantive presidential choice far less prevalent than Taylor or Tyler, and with the advantage of being a new route to friendly nickname Will. We see Wilson growing in popularity as an alternative to William; and as a patronymic, it would make a conceivable (if possibly confusing) choice for a son of William.

Being the tenth most common surname in the U.S., Wilson has countless possible last-named namesakes in every field, from politics to show biz. Those with Wilson as a first name are harder to find, beyond soul singer-songwriter Wilson Pickett and Wilson Rawls, author of the beloved book Where the Red Fern Grows. Wilson is also the name of Tom Hank's friend, the volleyball, in the movie Castaway.
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Famous People Named Wilson

  • Wilson ChandlerAmerican basketball player
  • (Stephen) Wilson BethelAmerican actor
  • Wilson PickettAmerican soul and R&B singer
  • Wilson ShannonAmerican politician; 14th and 16th Governor of Ohio
  • Wilson YipHong Kong actor, director and screenwriter
  • (Woodrow) Wilson RawlsAmerican novelist
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan40th President of the United States
  • Mason Wilson GambleAmerican actor
  • Woodrow Wilson28th President of the United States
  • Owen and Luke WilsonAmerican actors
  • BrianDennis and Carl Wilson, founding members of the Beach Boys

Wilson in Pop Culture

  • Wilsonvolleyball in movie "Cast Away"
  • Wilson Westcharacter on TV's "7th Heaven"
  • Wilson Percival Higgsburycharacter from video game "Don't Starve"
  • Wilson Klauscharacter on TV's "Into the Dark"
  • Dr. James Wilsoncharacter on TV's "House" known mostly as Wilson
  • "Wilson" song by Phish
  • "Jackie and Wilson" song by Hozier