"Jehovah is my strength"

Uzzi Origin and Meaning

The name Uzzi is a boy's name meaning "Jehovah is my strength".
An extra zesty variation of Uzi, but not one that comes recommended — it’s strongly associated with the submachine gun.

Famous People Named Uzzi

  • Uzzigrandson of Issachar, great,grandson of Israel (1 Chr. 7:2)
  • Uzzison of Bela, grandson of Benjamin, great,grandson of Israel (1 Chr. 7:7)
  • Uzzison of Bukki, father of Zerahiah, descendant of high priest Aaron (1 Chr. 6:51)
  • Uzzifather of a dweller at Jerusalem (1 Chr. 9:8)
  • Uzzison of Bani; overseer of the Levites at Jerusalem (Nehemiah 11:22)
  • Uzzi OrnanIsraeli linguist