English word name or diminutive of Slimane, Arabic
"man of peace"

Slim Origin and Meaning

The name Slim is boy's name meaning "man of peace".
Slim may be too on-the-nose for the child of two beautiful models, but it's the name Nara Pellman and Lucky Blue Smith chose for their son, Slim Easy. Smith, who has daughters named Gravity Blue and Rumble Honey, is known for choosing outrageous word names. But Slim — when pronounced as "SLEEM" — can also be a short form of the Arabic name Slimane. This origin is shared with Pellman's middle name, Aziza.

Slim is primarily used as a given name among Muslims, and historically has been a nickname in the US. Photographer Slim Aarons was born George Allen. Slim has been the nickname of several professional baseball players, including Slims Jones, Harriss, Love, and Sallee.