"dweller by the wood"

Shaw Origin and Meaning

The name Shaw is both a boy's name and a girl's name of English origin meaning "dweller by the wood".
With the current taste for last names first, this sounds a lot cooler than Shawn; it also has creative connections to the great Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, novelist Irwin Shaw, and Big Band Era clarinetist/bandleader and one-time Ava Gardner husband Artie Shaw.

Since Shaw, like all the other names in this book, has never appeared in the Top 1000, a boy given this name could really make it his own.

20 Names Similar to Shaw

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Famous People Named Shaw

  • Shaw CliftonIrish Salvation Army leader
  • Shaw GrigsbyAmerican "Bass Master" pro fisherman
  • Eric Stanley "Shaw" TaylorEnglish actor
  • Walter Shaw SparrowBritish writer on art and architecture
  • George Bernard ShawIrish novelist and playwright; winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

Shaw in Pop Culture

  • Shaw Mooreminister in film "Footloose"
  • Shaun "Shaw"character in the YouTube series "Most Popular Girls in School"
  • Miles Shawminor character on TV's "The 100"
  • Deke Shawcharacter on TV's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."