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Saber Origin and Meaning

The name Saber is boy's name .
Weapon-related names like Saber have been on the rise in recent years. In 2014, ten baby boys in the US were named Saber and five Sabre. The name may also relate to the Arabic Sabir, though to contemporary English-speakers, the reference will more likely be the sword.

Saber Popularity

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Famous People Named Saber

  • Saber Abar (born 1984)Iranian actor and theater director
  • Saber Ben Frej (born 1979)Tunisian football player
  • Saber Chebana (born 1983)Algerian football player
  • Saber Eid (born 1959)Egyptian football player
  • Saber Safara Free Syrian Army colonel and defector from the Syrian Army
  • Saber Khalifa (born 1986)Tunisian football player
  • Saber Mirghorbani (born 1983)Iranian football player
  • Saber Rebaï (born 1967)Tunisian pan,Arab singer and composer
  • Saber Souid (born 1981)Tunisian athlete and hammer thrower

Saber in Pop Culture

  • (Marschall) Saberhalf of the duo Saber and Cannon in DC's Vigilante comics
  • Saber Rider aka Richard Lancelotmain character on animated series "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs"
  • Saberfemale character in visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night
  • sabrea light fencing sword with a tapering blade
  • sabertoothed tiger
  • lightsaberthe weapon of a Jedi