Polish variation of Richiza, German

Richeza Origin and Meaning

The name Richeza is girl's name meaning "wealthy".
Richeza was a name that had its heyday in the Middle Ages but has since fallen into disuse. Richeza, and its variation Richenza, were used by the Swedish and Polish royal families. In a modern context, Richeza could be used to honor an important Richard in the family.

Famous People Named Richeza

  • Richeza of LotharingiaQueen consort of Mieszko II Lambert of Poland
  • Richeza of PolandQueen consort of Magnus the Strong of Sweden
  • Richeza of PolandQueen consort of Alfonso VII of León and Castile
  • Richeza of DenmarkQueen consort of Eric X of Sweden
  • Richeza of PolandQueen consort of Bela I of Hungary
  • Richeza of SwedenDuchess of Poland
  • Richeza of BergDuchess of Bohemia
  • Richeza Magnusdotterabbess and Princess of Sweden