HeartNI-ah-BEE or nee-O-bee
Greek mythology name

Niobe Origin and Meaning

The name Niobe is girl's name of Greek origin.
The mythological queen whose perpetual weeping for her slain children turned her into a stone has always cast a pall over this name. Still, when other names with less-than-savory associations -- Delilah, Ophelia, Persephone -- are becoming popular, parents might want to consider this one of the more unusual mythology names for girls.

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Famous People Named Niobe

  • Niobe ThompsonCanadian male filmmaker and anthropologist

Niobe in Pop Culture

  • Niobeancient myth queen of Thebes. Her children were slain by Artemis and Apollo because of her hubris, she was turned into a weeping stone by the twins
  • Niobe of the Vorenicharacter on TV's "Rome"
  • Niobecharacter in the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony
  • Niobecharacter in the Matrix movies