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Lelio Origin and Meaning

The name Lelio is boy's name .
While we are familiar with the feminine Lelia, the male Lelio remains completely undiscovered, despite its stylish o-ending and rhythmic sound. You might have noticed it in the Anne Rice novel The Vampire Lestat.

20 Names Similar to Lelio

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Famous People Named Lelio

  • Lelio Francesco Maria SozziniItalian Renaissance humanist
  • Lelio BassoItalian politician
  • Lelio OrsiItalian painter
  • Lelio LuttazziItalian composer
  • Lelio Hillel Della TorreItalian Jewish scholar
  • Lelio ColistaItalian composer
  • Lelio BisciaItalian cardinal
  • Lelio FalconieriItalian cardinal
  • Lelio OrciItalian scientist