"panther, leopard"

Fahd Origin and Meaning

The name Fahd is boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "panther, leopard".
Roar! This popular name in the Arab world was once almost unused by English speakers, but is now given to a few boys in the States each year. It can also be spelled Fahad and Fahed.

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Famous People Named Fahd

  • Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al SaudKing of Saudi Arabia
  • Fahd bin SalmanPrince of Saudi Arabia; son of King Salman
  • Fahd bin Sultan Al Saud; governor of Tabuk ProvinceSaudi Arabia; son of Crown Prince Sultan
  • Fahd bin Abdullah Al Saud; former deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia; grandson of King Saud
  • Fahd AnantaBangladeshi internet entrepreneur