Irish place-name from Caledonia
"hard or rocky land"

Caledon Origin and Meaning

The name Caledon is boy's name of Irish, Latin origin meaning "hard or rocky land".
Caledon, the name of the arrogant Billy Zane character in "Titanic," is an Irish place-name related to Caledonia, the Latin word for Scotland thought to be derived from the ancient Celtic word for "hard." Cal is a wonderful nickname, and Caledon an inventive way to get there.

Caledon Popularity

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Famous People Named Caledon

  • Caledon George Du PréEnglish MP
  • George Caledon AlexanderEnglish cricketer
  • Earl of CaledonIrish peerage title

Caledon in Pop Culture

  • Caledon "Cal" Hockleycharacter in the movie "Titanic"
  • CaledonOntario, Canada