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Gender: F Origin of Toby: Diminutive of Tobias

Toby is an early unisex name with a Shakespearean pedigree; when used for a girl it retains its tomboyish quality.

Famous People Named Toby

Martha Virginia "Toby" Wing, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Toby

October "Toby" Daye, main character in novels by Seanan McGuire
Toby Bishop, character in movie "Not Forgotten"
Toby Hamee, character in the Animorphs books by K. A. Applegate

Tobi, Tobey, Tobee, Tove, Thoby, Thobie, Taubie, Taubey, Toba, Tobie, Tovah, Taube, Tobe, Thobey, Tova