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Gender: F Origin of Sloan: Spelling variation of Sloane Sloan's Popularity in 2016: #591

Less popular than the Bueller-inspired Sloane but following on its coattails, this name ranks toward the middle of the Top 1000, but we see both spellings sticking around for years to come.

Famous People Named Sloan

Sloan Patrick (b. 2008), daughter of musician Richard Patrick of Filter
Sloan Scott Quinn (b. 2016), daughter of gymnast Alicia Sacramone and NFL player Brady Quinn
Georgia Sloan Brown (b. 2009), daughter of Zac & Shelly Brown

Pop Culture References for the name Sloan

Sloan Hagen, character in book/film "Beastly"
Sloan Sabbith, character on TV's "The Newsroom"
Sloan McQuewick, character on TV's "Entourage"
Sloan Riley, character from "Grey's Anatomy"
Sloan Hopkins, from the movie "Bamboozled"
Sloan Parker, character on TV's "Prey"