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Gender: M

Variation of Salim

Famous People Named Selim

Selim, name of several Ottoman sultans
Selim Al Deen (1949-2008), Bangladeshi playwright
Selim Bouadla, French-Algerian football player playing for Hungary
Selim Curukkaya, Kurdish writer and founding member of PKK
Selim Erdogan, Turkish poet
Selim Franklin (1814-'84), American pioneer, chess master & legislator
Selim Giray, Turkish-born American violinist, researcher & conductor
Selim Hassan (1887-1961), Egyptian Egyptologist & writer
Selim Hoss, veteran Lebanese politician & former Prime Minister
Selim Lemouchi, lead guitarist of occult band "The Devil's Blood"
Selim Palmgren (1878-1951), Finnish composer, pianist & conductor
Selim Sadak, Kurdish-Turkish politician
Selim Sahab, prominent Egyptian conducter & composer
Selim Tataroglu, Turkish judoka & Olympian
Selim Zilkha, entrepreneur who founded Mothercare retail chain

Pop Culture References for the name Selim

Selim, character in Turkish TV series "The Road of Emir"
Selim, alias used in Turkish TV series "I Named Her Feriha"
Selim Reis, friend of the Emerson family in Amelia Peabody series
Selim Bradley, character in Japanese manga and anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"
Sultan Selim, character in Turkish television series "Magnificent Century"