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Gender: F Origin of Savina: Italian variation of Sabina

Saint Savina of Milan gave comfort to prisoners. Her name is a variation of the Latin Sabina, which refers to the Sabine people. Not completely unknown in the US, there were 25 baby girls named Savina last year, and fewer than 100 called Sabina. Savina and Sabina will inevitably be confused with Sabrina, which is much more popular.

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Famous People Named Savina

Saint Savina, Milanese martyr (Feast day: 30 January)
Savina Yannatou, Greek singer
Savina Cuellar, Bolivian politician

Pop Culture References for the name Savina

Empress Savina, character in the film "Dungeons and Dragons"
Savina, a dispersed settlement in the hills west of Ljubno ob Savinji in Slovenia
The Savina Museum, a private contemporary art museum of South Korea
Savina, a neighbourhood of Bistrica (Novo Naselje), Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Savina Caylyn, an Italian oil tanker hijacked in 2011 by Somali pirates some off the Indian Coast
The Red Savina pepper, a cultivar of the habanero chili which has been selectively bred to produce hotter, heavier, and larger fruit