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Gender: M Meaning of Murphy: "sea warrior" Origin of Murphy: Irish

This jaunty Celtic surname -- the most common family name in Ireland -- is totally viable as a first. Although there was a possibility of its being feminized via the old TV sitcom "Murphy Brown," it has never taken off for girls and very much retains its masculine image.

There have been countless notable surnamed Murphys, including the currently prominent Eddie and Cillian. Murphy was the eponymous protagonist of Samuel Beckett's first published novel.

One possible negative: the association with Murphy's Law--if anything can go wrong, it will.

Famous People Named Murphy

Murphy Jensen, American tennis player
Murphy Lee (born Torhi Harper), American rapper
Murphy James Foster, Jr., American politician, former governor of Louisiana
Murphy Anderson, American comic book artist
Murphy aka Mikael Judas (born Michael Cole), American pro wrestler
Ryan Murphy, American TV producer and writer ("Glee")
Edward "Eddie" Murphy, American actor
William P. Murphy, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology
Koltyn Murphy Locke (b. 2015), son of Kiptyn Locke from The Bachelor

Pop Culture References for the name Murphy

"Murphy," novel by Samuel Beckett and main character
Murphy MacManus, character in movie "Boondock Saints"
Murphy, character in movie "Ghost Brigade"
Murphy's law, most commonly "Anything that can go wrong, will"
Murphy Pendleton, character in video game "Silent Hill: Downpour"
John Murphy, character on the TV series "The 100"