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Gender: M Meaning of Milan: "gracious, dear" Origin of Milan: Place-name or Slavic, diminutive of names beginning with mila Milan's Popularity in 2016: #449

As Mila rises for girls, so Milan is becoming a more popular option for boys, especially after singer Shakira chose it for her son. After a 55-year hiatus, it reentered the Top 1000 in 2013 and is heading dramatically upward.

Milan has been a Top 10 name for boys in The Netherlands and Hungary, as well as making the Top 20 in Belgium. With the first syllable pronounced mee, this could also suggest the Italian city, although the native version Milano is a lot livelier. Milan Kundera was the (male) writer of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Famous People Named Milan

Milan I, King of Serbia
Milan Babuska, Czech architect
Milan Baros, Czech football (soccer) player
Milan Begovic, Croatian writer
Milan Bezdek, Czech Roman Catholic priest, prelate of His Holiness
Milan Boksa, Czech soccer coach, methodologies and official
Milan Cimfe, Czech bass guitar player
Milan Creighton, former American football coach
Milan Drobny, Czech singer
Milan Dufek, Czech singer
Milan Elleder, Czech physician and professor of pathology
Milan Fryda, Czech football (soccer) player
Milan Fukal, Czech football (soccer) player
Milan Harvalik, Czech linguist
Milan Hejduk, Czech ice hockey player
Milan Hlavsa, Czech bass guitar player
Milan Hodza, Slovak politician, Prime minister of Czechoslovakia
Milan Chalupa, Czech ice hockey player
Milan Chladil, Czech singer
Milan Ivana, Slovak football (soccer) player
Milan Jovanovic, Serbian football (soccer) player
Milan Kangrga, Croatian philosopher
Milan Knazko, Slovak actor and politician
Milan Knizak, Czech politician and artist
Milan Komar, Slovene philosopher
Milan Kucan, Slovene politician, President of Slovenia
Milan Kundera, Czech writer (The Unbearable Lightness of Being)
Milan Lasica, Slovak actor and writer
Milan Lucic, Canadian (born Serbian) NHL hockey player
Milan Luhovy, Czech football (soccer) player
Milan Macala, Czech soccer coach
Milan Machovec , Czech philosopher
Milan Markovic, Slovak humorist, actor and presenter
Milan Michalek, Czech ice hockey player
Milan Mladenovic, Serbian musician
Milan Munclinger, Czech musician
Milan Nakonecny, Czech psychologist
Milan Obrenovic II, Prince of Serbia
Milan Orlowski, Czech table tennis player
Milan Peroutka, Czech singer
Milan Pirocanac, Serbian politician and lawyer
Milan Pavlovic, retired Serbian footballer
Milan Pavlovic, Bosnian actor
Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Slovak politician, general and astronomer
Milan Resetar, Croatian linguist and historian
Milan Spalek, Czech bass guitar player
Milan Srejber, Czech tennis player
Milan Stankovic, Serbian singer
Milan Steindler, Czech actor and director
Milan Stojadinovic, Serbian politician, lawyer and economist
Milan Sufflay, Croatian historian and politician
Milan Uhde, Czech writer, playwright and politician
Milan Uzelac, Serbian poet and essayist
Milan Vukmirovic, Serbian-French fashion photographer, stylist and designer; co-founder of the famous French store Colette
Milan Rushdie (b. 1997), son of novelist Salman Rushdie
Milan Pique Mebarak (2013), son of singer Shakira & footballer Gerard Pique

Pop Culture References for the name Milan

Milan, Italy (Population: 1.3 million)