Mhairi Origin and Meaning

The name Mhairi is a girl's name meaning "bitter".
Technically the vocative case of Màiri (the Scottish Gaelic form of Mary), Mhairi/Mhàiri has nevertheless become established as a given name in its own right. Although some bearers choose to anglicize the pronunciation, the "Mh" in Scottish Gaelic is correctly pronounced with a "V" sound.

A notable bearer of this most classic of Scottish names for girls is Mhairi Black, a Scottish politician who in 2015 became the youngest person ever to be elected as a Member of Parliament, at the tender age of 20!

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Famous People Named Mhairi

  • Mhairi BlackScottish MP
  • Mhairi McKayScottish golfer
  • Mhairi SpenceScottish pentathlete
  • Mhairi Catherine GilmourScottish footballer