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Gender: M Origin of Mercury: Roman mythological name

Adventurous parents are starting to look back to names of ancient gods like Mercury, Zeus, and Apollo. This one is also a planet and a metallic element, and has a friendly nickname, Merc. The Roman god Mercury, which derives from the Latin words for trade or wages, is the patron of tradesmen and travelers and the fastest-moving planet in the solar system.

Famous People Named Mercury

Freddie Mercury, original lead singer of Queen

Pop Culture References for the name Mercury

Mercury, main character in the book "Quicksilver" by Stephanie Spinner
Name of Sir Leicester Dedlock's footman in "Bleak House" (1853) by Charles Dickens
Mercury is sent by Jove to purge the courtiers in the play "Cynthia's Revels" (1601) by Ben Jonson
mercury, an element
Mercury, planet and Roman messenger god in Roman mythology
Mercury Black, antagonist voiced by J.J. Castillo in anime web series "RWBY"